Hello 👋

Hi, I'm Liu Song, a full-stack developer with a passion for open-source software. I have experience in web and mobile development, as well as a background in embedded systems and network protocols. I enjoy writing tech blogs and developing applications in my spare time. Proficient in Node.js, Golang, and server operations, I'm always eager to learn more and contribute to the community. Check out my GitHub @song940 for some of my projects and feel free to connect with me to discuss ideas. When I'm not coding, I enjoy listening to music and playing games.


  • escpos ESC/POS Printer driver for node
  • kelp dead simple nodejs http(s) web framework
  • ntp2 simple network time protocol implementation for node.js
  • homekit A HomeKit Accessory implementation in Node.js
  • yeelight A Node.js lib for the yeelight smart bulb
  • input-event read and parse input device(like mouse, keyboard, joystick and IR-Remote)'s event data

More Projects See GitHub.


More Posts See Blog.